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Thioplast™ EPS Resins Epoxy-Terminated Liquid Polysulfides

Thioplast™ EPS resins are epoxy-terminated, low-viscosity liquid polysulfide polymers derived from the SH-terminated polysulfide polymer Thioplast™ G. Thioplast™ EPS resins are telechelic polymers with outstanding properties which combine the flexibility of conventional Thioplast™ G liquid polysulfide polymers with the toughness of standard Bisphenol A/F-Epoxy based resins. Thioplast™ EPS resins can be used in formulations together with other epoxy resins to increase flexibility, adhesion, aging and weathering and to improve chemical resistance. Thioplast™ EPS resins have been specifically developed for use in high-performance coatings, sealants, and adhesive formulations for both interior and exterior use.

Liquid Polysulfide Polymers

Thioplast™ G

Liquid Polysulfide Polymers with reactive SH-End groups Polymer structure


Liquid polysulfide polymers are the oldest specialty elastomers. They are low- to high viscous polymers with highly reactive terminal thiol end-groups, characterized by outstanding solvent and chemical resistance, great electrical properties, low-temperature flexibility, ultraviolet (UV) light, oxygen, and ozone resistance, highly impermeable to many gases and moisture, good adhesion properties, and flex-crack resistance.

Liquid polysulfide polymers are used in the form of highly flexible joint sealants, adhesives, and protective coatings. Properties that make liquid polysulfide polymers useful are:

  • Excellent oil, gasoline, and solvent resistance
  • Water and sewage resistance
  • Low-temperature and high-temperature resistance

Liquid polysulfide polymers are widely used in:

  • Sealants for insulating glass windows
  • Sealants in road pavement and building construction
  • Sealants to seal aircraft fuel tanks and fuselages
  • Epoxy modifiers to improve the flexibility of Epoxy coatings and -adhesives
  • Intumescent protective coatings
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