Offering an Extensive Range of Products for Manufacturing Plastics

We offer one of the most diverse ranges of pigments and additives (high-performance PE and micronized waxes,) and take pride in providing products that significantly impact the production and performance of plastics. Our chemistries adhere to safety standards and are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of high-performance polymer, masterbatch, compound, composite, elastomer, and PVC manufacturing. Consequently, they find extensive use in plastics utilized across various sectors such as automotive, agriculture, construction, cosmetic packaging, consumer goods, electronics, industrial applications, and sports equipment, including specialized footwear.

Plastic formulators rely on our expertise to select the appropriate pigments and additives to fulfill specific needs. Our team is constantly engaged in developing solutions, whether it's optimizing a plastic's opacity with an advanced titanium dioxide (TiO2) grade, incorporating a special effect pigment to reflect solar rays and maintain surface coolness, enhancing weathering stability with a durable pigment, or infusing vibrancy, interest, and appeal with a colour pigment into plastic products.

For plastic formulators seeking to create unique effects, we provide a comprehensive toolkit comprising special pigments, fillers, and additives. These chemistries have proven their efficacy repeatedly, aiding in the fulfillment of specific customer needs and offering a multitude of advantages in plastic manufacturing processes.