CHT Smart Additives for Architecture, Coatings, Concrete and Graphic Arts

The use of highly effective additives are essential in the production and application of paints and coatings as well as mineral building materials.

The additives developed and manufactured by CHT for architectural paints, concrete, industrial coatings and printing inks are highly effective in adjusting desired product properties or positively influencing production and application processes according to desired requirements.

CHT additives enable our customers to provide their products with the crucial add-on in terms of their product properties.

CHT additives stand for quality and technical innovation. CHT product portfolio includes the following effect types and areas of application.

Agocel® Rheology Additives

With our rheological additives based on renewable raw materials, we directly influence the flowability and processing properties of your products. Together with the desired consistency, we give your products the plus in stability and processability.

Silco® Leveling, Wetting and Dispersing Additives

If you are looking for solutions for special requirements in the areas of dispersion and wetting, in addition to the daily questions, then we recommend that you seek advice on the SILCO product range. SILCO additives guarantee optimal surfaces and excellent wetting of substrates or pigments.

Spactive® Defoamers

Foam - none at all, or only in the acceptable quantity and ideal consistency. With our defoamers, we ensure that production, further processing or filling processes, etc., can be optimally designed for more efficiency in production and application.

Tecosit® Filmformers

A high-quality surface coating depends to a large extent on filmforming products. Sealing of surfaces, i.e. closing of pores, is a frequently required property of functional coatings and surface treatments. With our additives, we ensure that your product can reliably serve as a sealant, barrier, moisture barrier or insulation against environmental influences.

Ultralube® Surface Modifiers

Surfaces often have very special requirements in terms of finish and haptics. With our broad and flexible portfolio of water-based wax dispersions, we ensure that almost any desired surface effect can be achieved with your products.

Variphob® Hydrophobic Agents

Surface treatments are often used to protect the substrate by preventing water absorption. The hydrophobic effect is the key functional property. Our outstanding hydrophobic products ensure that the surfaces treated with your product have the lowest possible water absorption while maintaining optimum water vapour permeability.