A Diverse Range of Raw Materials for Coatings

Coating formulators rely on our extensive selection of pigments and additives to develop paints, stains, lacquers, primers, colour concentrates, tint systems, solvent-free formulations, and transparent coatings. Catering to the demands of our clientele in the coatings' industry, we provide a variety of titanium dioxide (TiO2) white pigments, colour pigments, functional additives, micronized waxes, epoxidized polysulfides & MIOX. These are widely used in the industrial, architectural, powder coating, wood coating, automotive, aerospace, and marine sectors.

Our meticulously crafted pigments and additives are designed to produce distinctive effects and are esteemed for their capacity to elevate visual appeal, enhance surface protection, and offer superior levels of durability against physical and chemical elements.

Bringing forth brilliance, endurance, opacity, gloss, and vibrant hues to diverse surfaces and substrates, our titanium dioxide products, additives, and colour pigments contribute to coating formulations that yield advantageous outcomes in terms of cost efficiency, performance, and environmental impact.

Within our portfolio, we feature a spectrum of innovative and specialized technologies tailored for the coating industry.